It’s all about movement.

At Severn Furnishing we recognise that the human body is simply not designed to sit in one place, and in one position, for an extended length of time but, for many of us, our job pretty much requires us to sit at a desk or workstation, for a large part of our working day. Which is why, after a prolonged period of sitting, we experience that ‘stiffness’ when we first get up to move around again. More often than not, the feeling of stiffness quickly passes and we brush it off as ‘part of the job’ until the next time it happens. In doing so, what we are really ignoring are the underlying causes that we could change and the longer-term implications on our health if we don’t make that change.

Health and wellbeing in the office is an important focus for us at Severn Furnishing; we fully appreciate the importance of movement but understand how easy it is to get carried away with work and forget to move for long periods of time. It’s recommended that we should stand at least once an hour to help ease muscle discomfort, restlessness, or back pain, as we know that these things impact on productivity, heighten stress levels, and can lead to longer term issues.

Ideally, the aim should be to achieve a combination of both movement and comfort in the workplace, starting with your choice of chair.

Severn Furnishing are a Main Distributor for HÅG seating who were established in Norway in 1943. The HÅG philosophy is to continuously develop new products to encourage movement as a natural way of sitting. They have, over time, developed a range of ergonomic chairs that incorporate both tilting and balance, allowing the body to move freely and naturally, whilst still providing the comfort and support required to facilitate good posture. The HÅG in Balance® movement mechanism, encourages better blood circulation due to increased leg movement from being able to tilt forwards and backwards which also helps you feel more energised during a long working day. The user needs to only adjust the height of the chair to sit properly and ensure good circulation, crucial to comfort, wellbeing and productivity. In addition, this means that these chairs are particularly suited to modern office environments where people are often moving around and swapping chairs throughout the course of a working day.

Movement is a vital part of the modern, productive, and healthy, working environment; contact us at Severn Furnishing about HÅG chairs, and talk to our experts about all your office furniture needs.