Ergochair – Adapt 500 range

From £475.00 (ex VAT) £570.00 (inc VAT)

The adapt 500 range has been designed to bring high levels of comfort through menu-driven adaptability, the adapt 500 has many adaptions available.

Standard features:

  • Free-float funtion
  • 3-lever asynchronous pelvic-tilt mechanism
  • Independent back angle adjustment
  • Back height adjustment
  • Seat depth & height adjustment
  • Inflatable lumbar support
  • Memory foam seat layer.


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5 years

Weight limit of chair



Seat depth with seat slide 

Small seat



Medium seat


Seat width                          

Small seat



Medium seat


Backrest width                 

Low back



Medium back



High back


Backrest height adjustment

Low back



Medium back



High back


Seat height

Gas lift 1



Gas lift 2 (standard)



Gas lift 3



Chair models

Adapt 511

Low back & small seat

Adapt 512

Low back & Medium seat

Adapt 521

Medium back & small seat

Adapt 522

Medium back & medium seat

Adapt 531

High back & small seat

Adapt 532

High back & medium seat

Level 1 adaptions:

Arm rests, neck & head supports, castors and gas lifts.

These are to enhance you comfort whilst working, resting or taking a posture break.  Armrests are the perfect first level of enhancement to your office chair, providing support under you elbow without having to stretch to reach them.  A full description of each individual item is in the adaptions pdf file under pdf downloads.

Level 2 adaptions:

Backrest and seat modifications

Sacral cell – Inflatable support across the sacrum.  Useful for Sciatic and Pelvic support issues.

Thoracic cell – Inflatable air cell which can be placed between the shoulder blades to offer thoracic support.

Vertical support cell – Inflatable cell/cells which can be placed on the left or right side (or both) to offer general lateral support, or help accommodate a gap in the back contact.

Reactive lumbar cell – This inflatable air-cell has three reactive chambers between which the air is squeezed when pressure is applied.  Useful for a larger gentler lumbar support.

Memory foam layer – A built in layer of memory foam.

Coccyx cut out – A complete cut out option for pressure relief around the coccyx area.

Coccyx zone – An invisible relief zone.

Thigh support – Inflatable air cells , useful for muscle wastage related conditions or to provide pressure relief through the middle of the seat.

Ergocore seat cell – Dual chamber air cell sits inside the seat and provides a ‘reactive sit’ to gently activate your core and lower back muscles whilst cushioning your sit bones.  Useful for sciatic relief and general core strengthening.

Extra memory foam layer – An extra memory foam layer.

More information is available by looking in the pdf download section.

Additional information


2-3 weeks

Adapt 500 Brochure

Adapt 500 Instructions



Composition:100% Treated polyester
Abrasion resistance: 140 000 Martindale
Flammability: BS EN 1021: 1:2006, 1-2 (cigarette & match), BS 7176 Low & Hazard, IMO Annex 1 Part 8.


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