HAG Capisco Puls 8010 ESD

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The HÅG Capisco Puls 8010 ESD is a plastic chair with a seat and backrest. The seat has an integrated cushion for improved comfort. The saddle seat can be adjusted between low and high working positions, all the way up to a standing position, enabling you to be more dynamic in your movements while still sitting in a balanced position. Seat depth and backrest height can be adjusted. Tilt resistance is adjustable and lockable.


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5 years



Seat depth with seat slide


Seat depth

Seat width


Seat height – standard gas stem


Seat angle adjustment

Height of lumbar support above the seat


Backrest height


Backrest height adjustment (from seat)

Backrest width

Tilt range (neutral starting position taken at 2° backwards)

15° backwards

Height of armrest above seat

Distance between armrests

Diameter of base



*Hag footring must be ordered with a 200mm or 265 mm gas lift


Additional information


4-5 weeks

HAG Capisco Puls brochure UK digital




Global ESD: is a wool fabric with metal fibers which has leading abilitys.  These antistatic properties makes it suitable in areas where prevention of static electricity is needed.
Composition:90% wool, 10% metal fibre 
Abrasion resistance: 50 000 rubs (EN ISO 12947-2)
Flammability: BS EN 1021: 1&2 (cigarette & match), BS 5852 Part1.
Light fastness: 5-7 (EN ISO 105-B02)  
Environmental facts: EU Ecolabel.
Guarantee: 10 years, 5 years for 24/7 use

Antistatic Synthetic leather: is a versatile artificial leather that meets the most stringent requirements in highly sensitive electronic and medical environments.
Composition:100% Polyvinyl chloride (topcoat), 100% Polyester (backing) 
Colour fastness to light: 6-ISO 105 B02/B04
Flammability: BS EN 1021: 1 (cigarette).
Colour fastness to rubbing: 4/4-5 (wet/dry) ISO 105 X12
Electrical resistance values: 10 000a 1000 000 ohms – ISO 2878</> Environmental facts: Reach (Directive 1907/2006/EC).
Guarantee: 10 years, 5 years for 24/7 use

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