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Contour Unimouse is an award-winning adjustable computer mouse. It offers the ability to alter the vertical angle allowing for pressure to be taken away from the wrist, a great solution for relieving pain caused by conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The additional movable thumb support allows for a relaxed grip and means that Unimouse is suitable for most hand sizes. Unimouse isn’t designed for static posture, its designed to allow you to switch postures during the day, a great way to further minimise pain caused by repetitive strain injuries. 




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2 years


Wired – 135.5 g

Wireless – 141.5 g


119 mm x 76 mm x 56 mm


7 buttons (6 programmable)

For wireless option

Lithium-ion Polymer (LIP) rechargeable battery, 470mAh

Compatible with

Apple OSX & Windows



Additional information

Delivery time

Free delivery in 3-5 working days

Whats inside the box

– Unimouse
– Charging cable
– Dongle (Unimouse Wireless)
– USB 2.0 cable adapter (Unimouse Wireless)
– User Manual


Unimouse Wired Manual

Unimouse Wireless

Unimouse Adjustability Guide



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