Laptop and Tablet Stands – Contour

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This laptop stand allows the user to elevate the laptop display or tablet to eye level at an optimal distance from the user. By using the laptop stand, the discomfort and long-term injury risks of laptop use are things of the past. By encouraging you to sit back in your chair and using a laptop stand along with an external keyboard and mouse, you are promoting a good ergonomic posture while you are computing.

The durable aluminum body ensures reliability. Holds up to a 4,9kg load and devices. The Laptop Stand is extremely portable and can quickly be collapsed to fit in your pocket or computer bag. The flexible, height-adjustable stand allows you to raise your screen to an ergonomic viewing height and keeps your laptop or tablet cool.



Press circular button                                   Open both front legs.

and open both legs to

the desired position.



Lower both feet all the                                For notebook computers, extend legs 

way down. Put tablet PC                            outwards.

on the stand and enjoy!

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