RH Activ Cleanroom

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How and where we work has changed a lot over the years. Today’s offices needs to be efficient, flexible and adaptable, that’s why RH Activ is perfect for all types of work areas. RH Activ is easily adaptable for work in the office, project rooms, touchdown areas, education and even for your home office.

If you are looking for a standard chair that can be adapted to suit different people in different environments, RH Activ is a natural choice. RH Activ is comfortable, ergonomic, and simple to use. Thanks to its simplicity and ergonomics, RH Activ is ideally suited to all work environments.

RH´s philosophy of ergonomics is based on the two important principles of upright posture and active sitting. These principles improve breathing and circulation and stimulate the muscles. The philosophy is evident in the RH Activ movement, which ensures that your body receives the variation and support it requires as you move. Because the chair’s basic settings do not change, this helps you to do more and perform better.


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5 years


Medium back: 13kg   Large back: 13.6kg

Seat depth with seat slide


Seat depth


Seat width


Seat height – standard gas stem


Seat angle adjustment


Height of lumbar support above the seat


Backrest height

Medium back:  295mm   Large back:  430mm

Backrest width


Back angle adjustment


Height of armrest above seat


Distance between armrests


Diameter of base



RH Activ 200 cleanroom has a medium seat with a waterfall front edge. The medium sized moulded back provides good lumbar support. As standard, the chair has a black aluminium base and castors for hard floor.

RH Activ 220 cleanroom comes with a medium seat with a waterfall front edge. The tapered, large moulded back with its pronounced lumbar support secures good support and freedom of movement. As standard, the chair has a black aluminium base and castors for hard floor.


Additional information


4-5 weeks

RH Activ factsheet

RH Activ brochure

RH high performance fabrics



Antistatic Synthetic leather: is a versatile artificial leather that meets the most stringent requirements in highly sensitive electronic and medical environments.
Composition:100% Polyvinyl chloride (topcoat), 100% Polyester (backing) 
Colour fastness to light: 6-ISO 105 B02/B04
Flammability: BS EN 1021: 1 (cigarette).
Colour fastness to rubbing: 4/4-5 (wet/dry) ISO 105 X12
Electrical resistance values: 10 000a 1000 000 ohms – ISO 2878</> Environmental facts: Reach (Directive 1907/2006/EC).
Guarantee: 10 years, 5 years for 24/7 use

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