RH Extend 200/220 ESD

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This elegant chair is as user-friendly as it is ergonomic. RH Extend is designed to give your body the best possible support and relaxation, while at the same time encouraging you to move around.

RH Extend is easily adjustable to give everyone a unique working position.  The RH Extend is a high-performance ergonomic work tool.  Its intuitive design makes it the ideal choice for today’s everchanging workplace. The Extend range comes in two sizes – medium and large.  

RH Extend 200 and 220 features a separate back angle adjustment. The back of the chair can be angled precisely according to individual preference, making this a uniquely adjustable and user-friendly chair.

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5 years


Medium back: 19kg     Large back: 19.8kg

Seat depth with seat slide


Seat depth


Seat width


Seat height – standard gas stem


Seat angle adjustment


Height of lumbar support above the seat

Medium back: 180-255mm   Large back: 170-245mm

Backrest height

Medium back: 510mm  Large back: 620mm

Backrest height adjustment (from seat)

Medium back:  545-620mm  Large back: 650-725mm

Backrest width


Back angle adjustment


Height of armrest above seat


Distance between armrests


Diameter of base


Additional information


4-5 weeks

RH Extend brochure

RH Extend factsheet

RH high performance fabrics



Global ESD: is a wool fabric with metal fibers which has leading abilitys.  These antistatic properties makes it suitable in areas where prevention of static electricity is needed.
Composition:90% wool, 10% metal fibre 
Abrasion resistance: 50 000 rubs (EN ISO 12947-2)
Flammability: BS EN 1021: 1&2 (cigarette & match), BS 5852 Part1.
Light fastness: 5-7 (EN ISO 105-B02)  
Environmental facts: EU Ecolabel.
Guarantee: 10 years, 5 years for 24/7 use

Antistatic Synthetic leather: is a versatile artificial leather that meets the most stringent requirements in highly sensitive electronic and medical environments.
Composition:100% Polyvinyl chloride (topcoat), 100% Polyester (backing) 
Colour fastness to light: 6-ISO 105 B02/B04
Flammability: BS EN 1021: 1 (cigarette).
Colour fastness to rubbing: 4/4-5 (wet/dry) ISO 105 X12
Electrical resistance values: 10 000a 1000 000 ohms – ISO 2878</> Environmental facts: Reach (Directive 1907/2006/EC).
Guarantee: 10 years, 5 years for 24/7 use

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