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Free Standing Fully Glazed Screen – 660mm High

From £135.00 (ex VAT) £162.00 (inc VAT)

Freestanding clear 5mm acrylic screens are unframed 660mm high with a choice of widths.  Use at your desk or receptions area for protection and safe distancing measures.

As standard all screens are supplied with two pairs of stabilising L-shaped feet and two flat plates.

L-shape feet are used to make the screen freestanding. Optionally, flat plates can replace the L-shape feet on one side so that the screen can be positioned right up the edge of a surface: this may be desirable on a reception desk.  Where the flat plates are used in this way the screen must be fixed to the supporting surface with screws (provided).  Fully freestanding screens may also be screw fixed if desired.

Package pass-through cut-outs provide a gap 300mm wide x 120mm high in the centre of the base of the screen, through which packages may be passed.

On bench desk and meeting tables, 660mm high screens may be used as transverse screens (i.e. between users seated side by side) and along the centre.

Free Delivery to Gloucestershire area.  Please call for delivery quotation for all other areas.



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Free delivery to Gloucestershire
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