Aeris Swopper Air

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New for 2020 the redesigned Swopper Air 

Even at first glance you can tell the difference between the swopper and conventional office seats. Its radical design does away with all the conventional comfort features like armrests and headrest which hinder movement and make you ill in the long run.

In contrast, thanks to its patented 3D technology the swopper, the world’s first 3D active seat, supports and encourages movement when sitting with frequent change of position. The benefits are obvious. Quite on the side of the sitter: away with backache and tension, back to more physical health, feeling good and enhanced performance.

Many advantages. Simply good.
• Acts against static and rigid sitting
• Improves sitting posture
• Relieves and strengthens the back
• Strengthens and exercises muscles
• Nourishes intervertebral discs
• Stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow
• Supports blood circulation and
supply of oxygen
• Burns up calories – while sitting!

In addition to the known swopper technology, the swopper AIR has high-tech cushioning and a climate-regulating cover for a completely new dimension of sitting comfort – as if on air. In the cushioning of the swopper AIR we have intricately combined five functional layers. No other office chair has so much high-tech. And the effect is perfect from the very first session: bouncing on air with breathable, pressure relieving, heat-regulating sitting.


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3 years


11kg Classis

Seat depth with seat slide

Seat height – Standard gas stem


Seat height – Low gas stem


Seat height – high gas stem


Seat height – Light gas stem


Weight limit


Diameter of base

550mm without rollers, 580mm with rollers


The seat profile:

  1. Cover: Breathable net structure (mesh material) made of 100% polyester, 70,000 Martindale rubs (high abrasion resistance).
  2. Wadding.
  3. Soft foam.
  4. 3DEA spacer fabric (patented high-tech cushioning): 30 mm high, laser-cut. Optimum climate-control properties provided by natural heat and moisture regulation. Permanent compression elasticity, excellent recovery properties completely recyclable, Made in Germany.
  5. Moulded foam: Polyurethane (like the swopper stool).

Additional information


2-3 weeks

swopper AIR specification

Swopper Care Instructions

Swopper brochure


Swopper Air: Breathable net structure (mesh material)
Composition: 100% polyester 
Abrasion resistance: 70 000 Martindale
Guarantee: 3 years

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